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The central mission of the National Academy of Neuropsychology (NAN) Foundation is to educate and inform the public about news and developments that benefit and promote brain health. The human brain weighs a mere three pounds yet it is the wellspring of human creativity, emotions, and passions. Our humanness originates in our brains. Despite its unique and truly amazing superpowers, the vast majority of us take our brains for granted, as we often do our health. That is, of course, unless or until an injury or a disease threatens to rob us of our capacities. Otherwise most of us don’t think about it. It’s not unlike the sentiment captured in the song titled, “Don’t Know What You got (Till It’s Gone).” But once in peril, most of us would give anything to gain it back. Steve Jobs might tell us, “I spent my health gaining wealth and then I had to spend my wealth in a failed attempt to regain my health.” So, where does that leave us? Simple: We at the NAN Foundation embrace the time-tested maxim that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Helping you to maintain your brain health is our central passion. Whether you happen to be a teenager who plays football or cheerleads, a young adult who likes to party, or an elderly person who struggles with balance, coordination and simply getting around, we have brain news you can use. No matter what you do or who you are- young or old, rich or poor, athlete or couch potato- we want you to embrace the precious gem nature of your brain because your 3-pound brain is no match against the forces of nature; forces you may encounter in a car accident, sports collision, or even a fall. We want to promote your brain health so you will never need to consult with any one of our neuropsychological experts who treat brain damage, brain injury, and disease for anything more than advice about how to stay healthy and safe.